Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Our little celebrated Jesus' brth yesterday. We had a great time. We woke up and Andrew and Luke opened their stokings and then Luke opened his presents. We then had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel with Tim, Kim, and Kiersten. It was a blast!

Later on we decorated a whole bunch of sugar cookies. Well...Andrew and I did. Luke ended up just licking the frosting out of the bowl and pouring some on to a cooke, which he ate. That was a special treat for him because I really don't give me sweets.

It was a great day. Today we will be going to fellowship at church and then Luke and I will pack up and head to Kansas for a week with my parents. Andrew will stay behind to continue to work on the basement. We don't have much longer because we would like the basement finished before baby #2 joins this world in May.

Oh, for those who don't know we did have an ultrasound but our little bundle was exteremely active that the tech could barely get any pictures. So she said she thinks that baby is...a girl? She added the ? so for now we are calling the baby Amelia until my next ultrasound on January 30th. Hopefully "Amelia" will be a little more calm because I would ike to know for sure. The tech told me not to buy anything because right now its likea 55% chance it's girl.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season and don't forget why this season even exists. A little baby was born in order to wash away OUR sins. Thank you baby Jesus!

(More pictures to come once Christmas is done)


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