Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dogs and Pregnancy

The Precious Angels have left my doggies. So the dogs have done the following:
1. eat pieces of wood lying around the room
2. pee on the floor when yelled at (CHARLIE!)
3. tear up several rolls of wrapping paper in the basement and pee on it. (Guess who peed on it?)
4. poo in the basement
5. try to escape from the cage and pierce through the ear (Bella)
4. whine at every single thing that walks, drives, flies by the house.
Honestly...who couldn't love these bundles of joy!!!

Unfortunately this is me at 22 weeks. Yikes! How do you come to grip with your thighs and butt forming an alliance to take over the world. I understand the growth in the stomach, that would be Luke, but seriously...why my legs and butt. Let's just hope it disappears as Luke graces us with his appearance.


Nic and Jen said...

at a certain point in my pregnancy i remember catching a quick glimpse of my butt in a mirror and suddenly realizing where all that weight was being housed. yikes! after giving birth, however, i was immediately relieved to see that they had already shrunk. eventually i could even get into my old pants... although for a while they wouldn't even pass my thighs. it'll be ok. promise.

obviously jen ;)

Erin said...

Hey, you look good for as far along as you are. When you start breast feeding or pumping to feed (which are you doing or are you doing both), I know that's personal, but the weight will fall off. Plus remember you lose alot when you give birth.:) You are BEAUTFUL!!!