Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life going fast

 So Amelia had her bath last week and she really didn't enjoy it. I felt bad but she will soon LOVE bath time if she is anything like her brother.
 Luke went to his first movie with Kate, Judah, Zion, Amelia, and myself. For a while Luke nd Zion shared a seat and uke was feeding Zion popcorn. Oh, the movie was Madagascar 3 and I have no clue what it was about because both Luke and Zion made it had to difficult. They were bored!
 This is Amelia at exactly 4 weeks old. She still mainly smiles when she is sleeping, so that is why her eyes are closed. These two are precious and helping me stay busy. Love em!!!


Rachel said...

They are adorable, Ann! I didn't think she looked much like her brother at first, but I definitely see it now. Such cuties!

Nothing said...

quit baby.wwe