Monday, July 2, 2007

Married? Uhh...

In a little over a week, it will be our (Andrew and Ann's) first anniversary. That's right. For those people who are looking at our picture, you are probably wondering, "who would let that fifteen year old girl get married?" Actually, Andrew and I are well over the fifteen year old mark. It has been an exciting roller coast the past 7 years. From hanging out, to dating, and now marriage. I wouldn't change a thing.

Well, you will get to know us because everyone says we need to set up a blog or face book thingy. (According to Kim, this is the only way I will know whats going on with everyone) I don't get it but I will try to keep up with the postings.

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Matthew & Kate said...

Yeah! Ann has a blog! All is right with the world! Now maybe you'll remember my blog address, since it's a LOT like yours.