Friday, December 4, 2009

Luke is all smiles in the morning and if I do say so's the cutest thing ever. He smiles a lot like I did when I was little.

It was really hard to decorate with a little one. This year are tree is about 10 feet tall. It is huge so it was difficult to decorate seeing that I am only half as tall. I tried my best. I also hung the wreaths and things around the windows with the new command hooks and they did not work. They all fell down so I need to figure out what to do to get it up.

Monday my mom took to me to shippshe for my B-day present. We have been doing this for years...its our tradition. Luke of course joined us so this is a picture of her in the fancy bathroom. They had a little private are for moms to nursery. Thank you! We had a great time and Luke did wonderfully.

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Erin said...

Luke is so adorably cute! (I don't even know if that is even a word) I love his smile. Your tree is beautiful too!