Thursday, May 14, 2009

16 weeks

So Shannon called whinning that I didn't put my picture up yesterday. I took the picture and then got distracted by Gilmore Girls. I love that show. I really like Logan and I don't know why. By the way, I did not realize that I was 4 months pregnant until Erin, my mother-in-law said it to me on Saturday. Crazy!


Matthew & Kate said...

Gilmore Girls is amazing. If you want to buy the the box set of the complete series, that would be okay.

Mo said...

ann, do you know how babies exit the body? might wanna google it.

p.s. you're 4 months pregnant.
p.p.s. you're still skinny.

shannon said...

I LOVE THE GILMORE GIRLS. Logan is a stud. Thats one of the reasons when sam picked either Logan or Gavin, I liked Logan. ;)


~the whinner

Erin said...

You look great for 4 months! You are barely starting to show. I love Gilmore Girls!! The boys have always made fun of me, but I watch it all the time. I think you need to buy it for your collection so I can borrow it from time to time. I also think Logan is great and they should have ended up together!

Mark, Lauren & Owen Burkey said...

not gonna lie ann, i'm super anxious for more pics!!!!!


Kara Joy said...

i wonder what 17 and 18 weeks look like??? :) love you, ann!